Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Voice Acting

Hello everyone, I hope you had a great Christmas and soon to be New Year. I guess your wondering who that awesome person is in the above picture? It's none other then amazing voice actress Tara Strong. She is one of my favorite voice actress other than Cree Summer: Voice of Susie Carmichael (Rugrats) and Kida (Atlantis The last Empire). I am also a fan of Crispin Freeman and Vic Mignogna for all you anime fans out there who are familiar with those guys. Freeman does the voice of Itachi from 'Naruto,' and also he is voicing Speedy in the new series coming to Cartoon Network 'Young Justice.' I am terribly excited for that show to come on.Lets not forget Vic, he is the voice of Edward Elric from 'Fullmetel Alchemist.'

These four are my favorite because I find it amazing that they can do so many voices! I discuss this today because so many people always ask "What do you want to do if you can't do art?" Or, "Is there anything else you decided get into?" Well to answer your questions I want to be a voice actress! I know that sounds silly but it has always been a dream of mine actually before I even started drawing! Well I think I have tough luck trying to find my voice acting class since boring ol' Virginia doesn't have the studios like Atlanta, New York, Florida, or LA does (or either I'm not looking in the right places). Anyway I'll just keep working on my art  while searching so hopefully you all will be able to hear my voice in a cartoon or video game one day!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to request artwork/Twitter

Would you life to request some art? Heres how to do it.
Request art to my email address: 


By forcing myself, I unfortunatly made a twitter account. Shame on me following the technological trends.
What's on your wish list this Christmas? A puppy, a new pair of socks, or maybe a brand new video game for your PS3/Xbox? I myself is asking for loads of diferrent video games. Like that new Donkey Kong that just came out for the wii...Which I know I already have thanks to my dads inability to keep secrets, Ha. I know I should ask for a 'car.' But I guess I wont be getting a car until Lindsay Lohan gets off drugs. So I'm looking at the following games:
Little Big Planet  (1or 2)
FF7 Crisis Core
COD Black Ops
Even throw in a little Epic Mickey
Oh Hey Dad still looking forward to that Super Mario Galaxy 2!
 So Parents, since it is 'way' too cold to go out side...Why not get your kid some violent video games this Christmas and give them a holiday to remember!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Thank you

Like to thank everyone who has donated, bought my poducts.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Iron Man 2 Sketch

I was watching Iron Man The other night and all of a sudden I had the urge to do a sketch of Iron Man or Tony Stark himself, played by the awesome Robert Downey Jr. This is my first time actually drawing a Marvel superhero and definitely not my last. I also added Black Widow, the lady in the upper left hand corner. I have to say that she was a pretty awesome character in Iron Man 2. Personally I think the second movie was great, unlike the first Iron Man which I absolutely hate for some reason. Anyways, to me Iron Man is the Marvel version of Batman, who is my most favorite superhero of all time(along with Robin).

So about the picture...I think I went out of my comfort zone to draw more realistic on Tony Stark (or Robert Downey's) face. To tell the truth I hate drawing realistic pictures, but it's a good thing that I do. My style is Anime/cartoon drawing and I think I've sort of mastered that style.

Me and two of my close friends are planning to do a comic called "Alter Ego" one of these days and so I have to go into traditional comicbook mode when it comes to that. I just might post my own super hero here soon.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Request for Art

Well it is time to start making more post on here, so I guess I'll start with this. I think my favorite hobby(besides video games) is drawing pictures for people. I have close friends who always ask if I could draw a picture of themselves or there favorite character. Whether it's cartoon looking or realistic, I am happy to get the job done! Back in 8th grade my art teacher asked me to draw a cartoon version of his wife. That made me feel so honored because he was one out of two of my favorite art teachers ever...
I think it just makes me happy when people ask me to draw characters for them, because it feels like i'm helping their ideas come to life. I was hoping one day Yuko Shimizu or the Sanrio company (owner of Hello Kitty) would let me design characters for them. ^-^

So if you friend, a friend of a frienda, or just passing by feel free to ask me to draw you a picture or make you a shirt.

Oh and starting Saturdays I will be posting new art work or possibly T-shirt designs during the day!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Senior Girls shirt 2011 from

Senior Girls shirt 2011 from

It's spirit week at my school so I decided to make a shirt that I thought I would be able to share with everyone for the Class of 2011! This is now avaible in my zazzle store.

Request for art #2

Request for art #2
vampire/kingdom hearts/ vladmir tod request

Gift for a friend

Gift for a friend
A gift to friend in my Jap. III class who really loves Pokemon ^_^

Huey from the Boondocks

Huey from the Boondocks
Fanart for one of my favorte shows!

My First Request for Art

My First Request for Art





I love my Bass!!

I love my Bass!!